Acknowledging the changes in our industry and anticipating the needs of our clients, Lancaster created the Single Point of Contact Solution (SPoC Solution)*, to address the automation and management of the entire contract staffing process, from work order release to fulfillment to payment. In addition to automating the entire staffing procurement process from “Req to Check” at no cost to our clients, the SPoC Solution features the added and unique benefit of enabling clients to realize their Supplier Diversity goals.

The SPoC Solution combines Lancaster’s experience as a vendor, our expertise in staffing, and our in-depth understanding of the contract labor purchasing process with an incomparable free e-purchasing tool that delivers:
  • A complete end-to-end e-purchasing solution that minimizes redundancy and maximizes efficiency.
  • Measurable time savings:
      Eliminate administrivia
      Accelerate hiring cycles
  • Measurable cost savings:
      Clients will save anywhere from 15%-40%
  • Real time reporting including:
      Supplier and Worker performance statistics
      Tenure tracking to avoid co-employment issues
      Labor rate monitoring
  • Achieve Supplier Diversity Goals by creating a timed, tiered, work order release that ensures your Minority and Women-owned vendor firms have a real opportunity to fill your work orders.

The SPoC Solution provides clients with a “best of both worlds” approach to managing their end-to-end staffing processes. With Lancaster providing the quality, personalized staffing service that our clients have known and trusted since 1984, combined with the most powerful, efficient, web enabled tool currently available on the market, the SPoC Solution is the best program available to streamline your purchasing process.

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