Referral Policy
By the very nature of your position within the IT marketplace, you are exposed to other consultants and companies that utilize IT consulting services. The recruiting and sales teams at Lancaster would like to tap into that knowledge and have developed incentive plans to reward you for sharing information with us. Please understand that we are not seeking to entice anyone to break any confidentiality agreements and seek only information relevant to recruitment and sales. Under no circumstances will payment be made for any information whose provision is made in contravention of any confidentiality agreements. Any consultant referred to us must be a new contact that is not already included in our Consultants Registry -please run the name by one of our recruiters before sending a resume. Contact us directly for specifics.

Corporate offices:
411 Theodore Fremd Avenue
Rye, New York 10580
Telephone number: (914) 967-5700
Fax: (914) 967-6889

Branch offices:
575 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10022
Telephone number: (212) 605-0328
Fax: (212) 308-9834

6047 Tyvola Glen Circle
Charlotte, NC 28217
Telephone number: (704) 414-6529
Fax: (704) 414-6777