Recognizing that our strength lies in the professionals that we provide, Lancaster places tremendous emphasis on carefully screening the professionals we work with. Through a series of interviews and reference checks, candidates are selected based on a combination of technical skill, the professionalism they bring to the workplace, the creativity they demonstrate in problem solving, their capacity to work as members of a team, and their ability to interact and communicate effectively. Whether your project calls for experienced project managers or business analysts, systems or application programmers or web developers, communications specialists, network engineers, systems administrators, QA testers, technical writers, or an entire project team, Lancaster is poised to participate in every phase and is positioned to assist you in meeting your mission-critical computer systems challenges.

While Lancaster works with each client individually to tailor a client-specific staffing solution, the following multi-dimensional employment solutions are our standard service offerings:

Contract Consultant Staffing Solution
In this scenario, Lancaster provides prescreened, qualified and experienced consultants on a time-and-materials basis under the direction of the client, covering a wide-range of services and skill sets.

We can supplement the client’s staff on an as-needed basis, or provide an entire project team at very competitive rates. Once a consultant or consulting team has been placed with a client, our seasoned Account Managers closely monitor their performance to ensure utmost client satisfaction.

Right-to-Hire Permanent Staffing Solution
This staffing solution allows the client to hire talented individuals on an initial contract basis with the understanding that the client reserves the right to hire the contractor as a permanent staff member after a period of time of 90 days or more. This “trial period” permits the client to evaluate the potential employee on the job before making a hiring commitment. The Right-to-Hire Staffing Solution is a win-win proposition for the client who ultimately hires an employee who is already part of the team, who has proven abilities and work habits, and who understands the company culture. Moreover, the client is relieved of the bulk of the recruitment burden and saves substantially on administrative costs, while mitigating hiring risk.

Mentored Trainee Staffing Solution
The Mentored Trainee Staffing Solution addresses the staffing of entry-level positions and injects fresh, cost-effective talent into companies. Lancaster’s recent college graduates offer cutting-edge web development skills, corporate internship experience, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a strong desire to learn and grow with the company that offers them an opportunity to. With the mentoring component added to the equation, Trainees are taken under the wing of a senior staff member who guides, nurtures, grooms, and promotes the trainee's development. This approach to entry-level staffing works extremely well as it produces loyal, confident, and valuable team players who may well be the future CEOs of the company.

- Fresh talent out of school
- A way to reward current employees and promote their managerial skills
- Low cost option to permanent hires and standard internship programs
- No employee tax and no benefits outlay costs during “trial period”
- Ultimately a win-win situation for all parties involved